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 'About me' photos by  Jay Westcott

'About me' photos by Jay Westcott

About me

Wondering what exactly I do? Sometimes I wonder the same thing.

I'm basically a jack of all trades storyteller—a cinematographer, a writer, a photographer, a radio producer, a documentarian with a journalist's training. My specialty is longform projects of depth and complexity but I've done a little bit of everything. My writing and visual work have appeared in places like, MediaStorm, AARP Bulletin Today, and in The Washington Post (where I worked as a staff video journalist until 2016). My radio pieces have aired in various places including NPR's All Things Considered Weekend.

I've instructed at multimedia workshops given by MediaStorm, the National Press Photographer's Association, Maine MediaWorkshops, and the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University—where I received a Master’s in Photojournalism & Multimedia Storytelling in 2010.

I live in Madison, Wisc. with my wife and two daughters. Once upon a time I spent my days hitchhiking, wandering somewhat aimlessly through America's great wilderness, and I often cooked elaborate meals containing things I found in the woods. Now, things are a lot different. I drive around (albeit it in a VW van ... and occasionally with hitchhikers). My woods-wandering is now with kids so we don't get very far. And of course the meals aren't elaborate at all. But things from the woods still show up in the pot from time to time.

I'm always happy to discuss possible projects. You can reach me at 919-357-3086 or